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"Roberto Iarussi commands a tenor voice of a range, impact and visceral excitement that comes along but a few times in a generation, and that is if the generation is a lucky one!

His potent stage presence is palpable from his sound alone. In the theatre, Roberto Iarussi’s dynamism, concentration and acting talent combine to reveal that rare bird, a genuine Italian tenor for whom the frame of a stage’s proscenium is not too large but almost too small." - James Kuslan

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I Believe

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Roberto Iarussi’s debut recording, entitled “I Believe” was recorded this year with the London Symphony Orchestra and produced, arranged and composed by multi-Grammy Award winning composer Jorge Calandrelli. This recording is a truly spectacular result of the convergence of talents of Roberto Iarussi and Maestro Calandrelli. Together with the London Symphony Orchestra, this collaboration redefines the essence of creativity and beauty within the cross-over genre.

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